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Live Natural Hair & Art Gallery

The Live Natural Hair & Art Gallery is an opportunity for licensed stylists and barbers (herein referred to as “Artist”)  to display their artistic abilities with natural hair styling and presentation. The Artist will create a “work of art” with their model being the final art product. The Artist should choose a Monique Brent Mo’ Designs work of art from below as inspiration and use his/her creativity, style and imagination to stage their “art” for judging. The “art” will be staged under a spotlight and should pose, standing or sitting, for dramatic effect.

The judges and the public will be able to view the works of art up close. This is the Artists opportunity to share the vision of their creation and answer questions. The model is expected to remain in character during the gallery. As such, the Artists may want to bring two models to offer relief to the first model, though this is optional.


Entry Fee

The entry fee for the Live Natural Hair & Art Gallery is $50.00. The fee includes one 6’ area, 1 chair, 1 staging stool, and an opportunity to stage or showcase your “art”.  The fee is non-refundable and must be submitted by May 15, 2016 to secure your seat. Seats are limited.



  1. The Live Natural Hair & Art Gallery is open to Artists who are licensed through a state Board of Cosmetology to perform the practice of natural hair styling, at minimum.
  2. Artist will choose a work of art from the list below as inspiration for their own creative work.
  3. Artists must check-in by 1:15pm the day of the gallery or forfeit their seat.
  4. Artists are responsible for their own working tools.
  5. We ask each Artist to promote their participation in the event to their clients, on Facebook and other social media.


The following is not permitted: hair that has been chemically treated to alter the natural coil pattern, profanity, booty-shaking, nudity, loose glitter or fog machine.



The Artist’s creation will be judged from head to toe on creativity, innovation, presentation, beauty, AND the ability to remain in character as a work of art. The Artists whose art accumulates the most points, wins.  The judge’s decision is final and the Artist agrees to abide by the decision of the judge.



The winner will receive $500 and promotion of their salon on the MMBBEXPO website and promotional materials. All Artists will gain publicity for their work and new client potential.



To register, fill out and SUBMIT the Registration button below and then pay the $50 entry fee by clicking on the “Artists Fee” button and you’re in!  All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Artists Fee

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